Machine tool manufacture and sale

A user production spot is supported through development, manufacture, and sale of FMS (flexible manufacturing system) which enables various production facilities and limited production with a wide variety including a lathe. The proposal of a production system which builds the whole under the unified concept as well as equipment of a simple substance is also performed. It answers to all needs called laborsaving, the reduction in cost, quality improvement, and increase in efficiency.

Overhaul retrofit

It corresponds to the existing overhaul and existing retrofit of equipment. If equipment is updated whenever the specification of a product changes, and it carries out, although it is desirable, excessive cost not only starts, but it does not become precocious from the field of environmental protection. It is the overhaul and retrofit of DAINICHI that it is helpful such at the time. Productivity is raised by making equipment refresh and adding a new function, and it contributes also to long-life life-ization of equipment.

After-sale service

DAINICHI does not consider the time of carrying out delivery of equipment to be the end of work. I think that another new role begins from there rather. The equipment which began operation is always maintained at the highest condition, and it takes all possible measures against after-sale service so that the efficient high product of quality can be processed. When a trouble and fault occur, the after-sale service staff should hasten, and it is made to return quickly.

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